Gargantuan Music

Project Description

Origine: U.K.

Gar.Gan-Tu-An, Adj. Of Immense Size, Volume, Or Capacity; Gigantic, Huge, Of Epic Proportion

Founded in 2012 by BAFTA award winning composer R. Simeon Bowring, Gargantuan Music delivers the highest production standards with a world class team.

They specialise in music and sound design for trailers, promos and advertising and work closely with some of the world’s leading film companies, broadcasters and agencies to provide cues with cinematic scale, epic excitement and dramatic power.

Their production music library gives you instant access to hundreds of high quality cues. Using state-of-the-art technology and a purpose built scoring studio dedicated to trailer music production, Gargantuan’s music is made to the same exacting standards you’ll find in motion picture soundtracks. Gargantuan believes that well-crafted music intensifies the emotional-visual experience, whether it’s heart pumping action, uplifting inspiration, or graceful power and your images deserve the best, and that music with depth and emotion can help make your campaign truly exceptional and memorable.


Stiluri principale: trailer, filmscore, action, drama, suspense, battle, war

Particularități: drones, sound effects