Project Description

Delivering feeling and fire with 12 focused brands consisting of great songs, cool artist singles, content for broadcast along with plenty of depth for advertising, film and gaming.

SPARK! It’s sonic decor that’s moving music forward

Labels descriptions:

4+4= A little bit of this and that for daytime TV.

AMBIENCE: An aural spatial awareness.

A-SIDES: Artists, bands, a single and an instrumental. “Sometimes all you need is one song”.

BALANCE: Pulses, patterns & textures.

CHORUS: Songs & Vocal hooks.

GIZMO: Kids tunes.

JUST30″: 30 x 30 seconds tracks for TV & radio advertising.

LUNAR LANDING: Everything electronic from EDM to hard house, it’s blips, blops and beats. 10, 9, 8, 7…

LOVEmusic: music for primetime TV.

RAWK: Purely rock in all styles.

TRAILERBLAZER: Dark & dramatic promo trailer tunes.

XMAS: It’s christmas all year round.