Project Description

MHW Musikverlag was founded in München in 1952 by Hans Wewerka, and moved to Zürich, Switzerland in 2008. It encompasses 13 catalogues of over 5000 tracks, mostly appertaining to film score. Herman Rarebell (of The Scorpions fame), Klaus Doldinger, Stephan Massimo and many other prestigious composers have submitted their work to be published by MHW Musikverlag.

The MHW Catalogue’s main product is film score, having publishing rights over soundtracks from pictures such as ”Lili Marleen”, ”The Marriage of Maria Braun”, ”Lola”, ”Le Secret De Veronika Ross”, ”Querelle”, all directed by Rainer Fassbinder, and also ”Muriel’s Wedding”, ”2046”, ”Azzurro”, ”Three Wishes for Cindirella”, ”Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death”, “Fitzcarraldo” etc.

MHW Musikverlag’s repertoire also includes music from TV Shows, the most notable ones being ”Popeye the Sailorman”, ”Mr. Magoo”, ”Around The Earth in 80 Days”, ”Lady Cop”, ”A Case for Two” and many others.

The catalogue also encompasses a jazz repertoire from the 50s and 60s, interpreted by famous jazzmen of the time.

We supply licences for any track off this vast catalogue, in order to be used in audio-visual productions.