As a registered user you can create playlists by clicking on the “My Playlists” button at the bottom right, then adding the songs you love by dragging & dropping songs on to your playlist. At the end you can download all tracks in the playlist in as a zip folder.

For customers who need large amounts of music but have technical limitations on Internet access or bandwidth, we can offer alternative music access solutions such as external hard drives.

Yes, downloading songs is for you to test how the music works on the image. Once you decide on a song, send us the list of tracks you want to use and the production title.

Access to our music platform is free and you do not pay for downloads. A music license is only paid when you want to use one or more tracks from us in your productions. The cost of licenses varies depending on the type of use (whether its advertising, film, television production, online/corporate video, multimedia application, etc.), the amount of music you want, the total length of music in your production, and the territory for which you want the license. Contact us and we will give you a custom quote.

No, all the music distributed by us is copyrighted, and its use can be made only on the basis of a license from us, from which the composers and artists are paid in their turn.

All of our tracks can be downloaded in 4 audio formats of choice: MP3 (320kbps, 44.1kHz), MP3 (320kbps, 48kHz) as well as uncompressed: WAV (24bit, 48kHz) or AIFF (24bit, 48kHz) .

All you have to do is click on the “Login Request” button at the top of this page or directly from our music platform by clicking the “Register” button at the top right and fill in the form with the required data. (click here to get there). As soon as we receive your information, we will contact you to open your account.

Yes, if you are a media professional and you need music on a regular basis, we will create an account on our platform to download music. Unfortunately, we cannot make our music available to the public at large.

There are 2 ways of doing this: Contact us and tell us what music you need, we will help to find the right music as quickly as possible or you can search for music on our online music search platform.

We differ from royalty free websites primarily through quality. Sites that offer very low-priced music, and which are paid online, offer no guarantee of third party copyright infringements. As any user can upload music on these platforms, these sites are not able to check if the music is original and does not belong to a third party. The situations in which different copyright holders (composers, music libraries, publishers, record labels) find their music on such sites have greatly increased in recent years, leading to a major copyright infringement risk. We guarantee that we have all the rights to music (composition, recording, interpretation), and that it is exclusive to us in Romania and nowhere else. Another advantage is that you will receive an invoice issued by a Romanian company, which is VAT-deductible.