Fantasy Production Music

Project Description

Fantasy Production Music – aka FPM –  is the brain child of Ossi Bashiri, one of the founder writers and original owners of the unorthodox production music powerhouse Extreme Music. With Steve Cole – ex-Universal production music managing director – at the helm, FPM’s aim is to deliver only music that has something unique and creative to it, in composition and arrangement.

The FPM series will appeal to a younger audience, but will work for anyone making broadcast programs that would benefit from an injection of “youth,” adding to the producer’s varied and rich sound palette. Editors can listen for contemporary dance, pop, and rock music that reflect edgy, aggressive, and very sexy styles.

“We are trying to kindle the analogue flame in an increasingly digital environment,” Steve Cole said. “FPM Music is constantly trying to keep things sounding punchy, yet warm and classic.”

FPM is home to 5 easily distinguishable catalogues of music making it extremely user friendly:
FPM Sexy Series
The very successful Sexy Series is a contemporary, ‘in yer face’ collection some people have dubbed Extreme on acid. Editors can listen to youth-oriented, punchy, and new urban commercial sounds that reflect edgy, aggressive, and very catchy styles and make the series ideal for programmes that would benefit from an injection of ‘youth’.
Fantasy Film Series
The Film Series is loaded with authentic scoring sessions (“live” instruments) and stellar sound design in traditional genres like Drama, Epic, Action and Rom Com.
iDOCS Series
The iDOCS Series is perfect for reality and documentary series scoring. Hundreds of hours of wall to wall music set the scene perfectly with fresh underscores in a wide range of ahead-of-the-curve styles.
FPM Easy Listening Series
Focus on the Easy Listening Series: this is a ‘must’ have catalogue for all programme producers looking for authentic kitsch (60s/70s), period music goodness or more classic styles like ballroom dancing and marching band music with a bit of disco and funk thrown in for added fun.
FPM Classics
Finally, the Masters Series is a world-class classical collection of brand new recordings of the world’s most enduring music which has been recorded superbly with The London Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.