Music Supervision

Music supervision

Music supervision is part of our daily job. We’re always ready to help you find the best suited music for your project in the shortest amount of time.

Our accumulated experience allows us to quickly figure out the type of music that would fit a certain production best, and where to get it from. In order to be able to do that efficiently, we listen to dozens of songs daily, we keep up to date with the newest releases by our overseas partners, and we’re always aware of the freshest music trends.

All you have to do is hit us with your music brief, and we’ll quickly come back to you with our music suggestions.



You don’t waste time searching through music platforms for yourself.


You benefit from our long-time expertise.

Keeping up with the trends

We know what’s fashionable and you always get the latest releases from our catalogues.

Reaching your goal

In case we don't ”get it” from the first try, we'll keep on searching until we find that perfect song!