Music Clearance


Is there a famous track you wish to use in your production, yet you don’t know who owns the rights to it and where to look for them?

Are you not certain about whether a certain track is copyright protected?

We’re always happy to help you on music copyright related issues and identifying music rights owners of the song you wish to use in your production. And if needed, we can send the sync requests, negotiate the fees and secure approval for it on your behalf.


Tipuri de drepturi

Quick identification

There isn't one specific way to identify rights-holders. However, our combined experience helps us use all previously learned methods to identify them in the shortest amount of time.


The past 10 years of experience have helped us build long-lasting relationships with many publishers and labels, with whom we are in contact.

Plan B

In case the quotes from the rights-holders are over the budget of your production, we can quickly offer you viable back-up solutions.

Goal oriented

We follow through on all of our projects, offering you ready to use licences.

The copyrights over the musical composition are the rights referring to the actual songwriting (as opposed to the recording of the song). They are usually owned and controlled by one or more music publishers (on behalf of their writers). These are the first rights that must be secured, because in their absence the other ones are useless. Obtaining the right holder’s permission makes it possible to only use the composition (the sheet music itself), and therefore the rights over a recording of the said song is required. As an alternative, a new recording of the song can be created specifically for the purpose of the audiovisual production.

The master recoding copyrights are part of the neighboring rights and are required in case the recording is to be synced with an audiovisual production. These rights are owned by the producer of the recording, most often a record company and on much rarer cases by the actual performer of the song.

There are situations where the performer of a song has not assigned to anyone his performer rights and therefore they need to be obtained directly from him or from his estate or legal representative.